Why Hire A Professional To Paint The Exterior Of Your Home?

Why Should You Hire a Professional Painter in Algonquin and Barrington.

For some homeowners painting the exterior of their home by themselves is a way to save money on an often much needed home improvement.  For other homeowners with the financial means they’d much rather just pay the professionals to come and paint their home.  This saves their time for more enjoyable activities.  If you are in the former category (trying to paint on your own to save money) then you’ll appreciate this helpful article.

It’s not entirely true that painting your home on your own will save you money.  In the short term it will seem like a good financial decision, but could come back to bite you later.  Firstly, you will invest a great deal of your time equipping yourself with the knowledge and a bunch of money getting all of your materials and tools.  You’ve already lost several hours of your time, and the job hasn’t even started!

Here are more reasons you should consider hiring a professional painting contractor to paint the exterior of your home in the Algonquin or Barrington area.

Site Prep and Surface Preparation

Professional painting contractors already have all of the proper tools to clean and prep your house exterior for a new coat of paint.  Most homeowners will need to visit the local rental store to rent or possibly even buy several tools like a pressure washer, a disc grinder or other orbital sanding/abrasive tools, an air compressor, a paint spray gun and more.  When you hire a professional painting contractor like Paintwerks Inc. they will show up to your home with everything they’ll need to begin the project immediately.

Professional painters with a good reputation have usually painted hundreds of home exteriors and they will know exactly how to thoroughly clean and prep the exterior of your home for paint.  This process will take your average homeowner and a small work party more than a couple of days to complete on an average sized home.  That’s a lot of time and work.

Lead Based Paint Removal

If your home was built prior to 1978 and hasn’t been repainted to your knowledge then you are very likely dealing with a lead based paint.  This is a harmful toxic material to you and your family (especially to young children) and should be removed safely using the proper precautions.  Professional painting contractors are properly trained and equipped to handle the removal of your lead based exterior paints.

Job Site Safety

Painting the exterior of a home can involve some very dangerous situations involving potentially harmful falls.  This is especially an issue on multi-story homes or  that have a complex design like peaked roofs and high ceilings.  Professional painting contractors usually have a large selection of specialty ladders, along with anchoring systems and safety harnesses so they won’t get injured by falling off the side of your home.  Some exterior painting jobs such as townhomes, apartment complexes or really large homes may even require the use of a man lift which generally are only rented out to professional contractors with the certification to operate them.

Knowledge Of Paints and Their Proper Applications

As a homeowner you’re going to need to invest many hours of your time into researching the correct paints and colors for your home.  Do you really want to spend several hours talking to a paint salesman or do you want to have a quick conversation with a professional who paints homes everyday?  The knowledge your professional painting contractor brings to the table about different paints and their applications will save you many wasted hours.  Your painter will be able to recommend products to you based on your budget and current house painting trends.

The Exterior Of Your House Will Look Great

The biggest benefit to hiring a professional painting contractor is that your house is going to look fantastic.  The extra work in the cleaning process and thorough surface preparation will really be noticeable when you see the final product.  Your home will have consistent application of color throughout and the edges of your trim and fascia will have nice sharp edges, free of any over spray.  Your professional painting contractor will probably provide you with a warranty of their work as well so if anything goes wrong with the paint or the application itself you’ll have a recourse and someone will be able to fix it for you.

Painting the exterior of your home will quickly turn into a bigger project then what most homeowners were expecting.  If you need the exterior of your Massachusetts home painted then give ThinkPainting a call today or use our contact form to request a call back.  We’ll provide you with an accurate and competitive estimate to paint your house for you.