Exterior Painting – 3 Reasons To Hire A Professional

The paint on the exterior of your home wasn’t just made to look good it was primarily designed to protect the exterior surfaces of your home from the elements.   Painting the exterior of your home (when it’s needed) brings about several benefits to you as the homeowner and that is why it’s so important to hire a professional, who will take the time to make your painting project look spectacular.

Three Reasons To Hire A Professional:

#1.  Exterior Painting will add resale value to your home.  It’s important that you choose a painting company who will warranty their work and actually stand behind it if something should go wrong.   A professional painter invests a great deal of time and skill into making sure your home looks beautiful.  Improving the curb appeal of your home is a great way to impress potential buyers if you’re looking to sell.

#2.  There are so many exterior painting products, and different methods of application for different surfaces that it can be very confusing for a homeowner.  Hiring a professional painter who works with exterior paints everyday will cut your research time in half.  Your painter doesn’t want to apply the wrong products for your situation because it means they’ll have to fix it later.  There are definitely major differences in exterior coatings and your painter can help explain them to you.

#3.  Quality Professional Painters will always provide you with a warranty on their work.  This is usually 1 – 2 years and will vary from painting company to painting company.  Many of the exterior paints also come with manufacturers warranties and guarantees but they need to be applied by a professional.  If you paint your home by yourself and do less than a stellar job on your prep and application then it’s going to be something you’ll be doing everyyear.

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