5 Things To Look For In A Painting Contractor

You probably already know that choosing a painter or any contractor for that matter isn’t as easy as an Internet search or flipping through the yellow pages.  There are literally several hundred interior and exterior painting contractors within the Chicago, Illinois area.  To help make your decision easier here are a few factors that can help you choose the right painter for your project.

#1.  Certified Journeyman Painters – Did you know that becoming a painter isn’t as simple as just picking up a brush…?  In most states it’s a 3-4 year apprenticeship to become a Journeyman painter and we receive very thorough training across a wide variety of interior and exterior paint and wall covering applications.  Make sure the painting contractor you choose will have a journeyman painter supervising your project. 

#2.  Extensive Product Knowledge – There are several thousand different paints, stains and wall coverings available in the marketplace today and they each have their own specific purpose.  A professional painters knowledge of the different products and their particular applications exceeds anyone you’ll find in the local paint department.  They spend all day shaking and selling paint… While we spend all day applying it!  Look for a contractor who shows they have extensive knowledge of the products you’ll need for your particular application.  They may even have some helpful suggestions you’ve never even heard of.

#3.  Professional Organizations – Many painting contractors don’t or won’t spend the time and money to join some of the professional painting organizations in America such as the NAPP (National Alliance Of Professional Painters), PDCA (Painting And Decorating Contractors Of America) and the BBB (Better Business Bureau).  These organizations hold their members accountable and give the consumer reassurrance that you’re dealing with a professional painter, who cares about their customers and how they may perceive them.  While it may not be important to some of our competitors, it’s important to us!

#4.  Portfolio/References Of Past Work  – Nothing speaks louder about a painting contractors work than the finished product.  If a painting contractor has been in business for any length of time they will surely have plenty of happy customers whom would be willing to offer a reference.  While references are great, before and after photos of a painters projects are another way to get a good idea of what they are capable of doing.

#5.  Warranty On Work – One of the most important aspects of your new paint job is how long it looks like a new paint job!  Make sure you choose a painting contractor who will stand behind their work and will be willing to come back and inspect and repair any deficincies in their workmanship.  When paint, stains, or wall coverings are applied properly they were designed to last for several years.  We like to boost our customers trust in our services and we’ll stand behind our work with a 2 year quality guarantee, this means if the paint starts flaking, unnaturally fading, peeling, or just down right fails, we will fix it at no charge to you.

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